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Not just a synthetic biology journal club, the Digital Biology Network is a biweekly meeting for undergrads, grads, and faculty to brainstorm and design biological programs with synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology is where genetic engineering is quickly heading. Don’t cut and splice DNA in a wet lab. Edit the code on computer and print it.

The work isn’t easy. The tools for programming DNA code are still awkward but the potentials are almost limitless. Turn a bacterium into a biofuel producer, like the U of A ButaNerds did last year. Or into a biosensor for arsenic in water, potentially saving thousands of lives in Bangladesh. Or a computer that can keep expanding its processing power exponentially forever. What would you build?

We have a mailing list and a Google calendar you may be interested in. Download a PDF poster, or the poster template.

DBN Meeting Calendar

Date Time Location Topic Presenter
2008-01-16 1:15 pm CSC 333 DBN meeting kickoff (PDF) Andrew Hessel
2008-01-30 1:15 pm CSC 333 Atsumi 2008 (PDF, slides) Doug Ridgway
2008-02-11 4:00 pm CSC 249 Bio-Logic - Sensors, Switches and Genetic Circuits (p1, p2) Wayne Materi
2008-02-25 4:00 pm CSC 249 Freestyle discussion of of DBN-worthy projects n/a
2008-03-10 4:00 pm CSC 249 Riboregulators (Bayer and Smolke 2005) Justin Pahara
2008-03-17 3:00 pm CSC 249 Open Source Therapeutics (PDF) Andrew Hessel
2008-04-07 3:00 pm CSC 249 Programming gene expression with combinatorial promoters (Surette 2007) Doug Ridgway
2008-04-21 3:00 pm CSC 249 Electron transfer on pyrolytic graphite and biological fuel cells (papers) Joel Weiner
2008-05-05 3:00 pm CSC 249 Chemotaxis controlled by a riboswitch (p1, p2) David Lancaster
2008-05-26 3:00 pm CSC 249 Computational Complexity of Microarray Analysis Matthew Hamilton
2008-06-02 3:00 pm CSC 249 The 2007 U of A iGEM Team Project Jason Gardiner
2008-06-16 3:00 pm CSC 249 The 2007 NINT iGEM Project, team "Logi-col[i]" Shannon Deane and Jessica D'Amico
2008-07-14 3:00 pm CSC 249 1KPG, the thousand plant genomes project Gane Wong
2008-07-28 3:00 pm CSC 249 Expanding the Genetic Code (p1, p2) Wayne Materi
2008-08-11 3:00 pm CSC 249 Applications of machine learning in informatics Kevin Jewell
2008-08-25 3:00 pm CSC 249 Molecular Mechanisms of Signal Transduction Justin Pahara
2008-09-08 noon CSC 249 Garage Biotechnology Jason Gardiner and/or Tom Tran
2008-09-22 noon MSB 5-10 Platelet-derived growth factor receptor internalization is modulated by intrinsic kinase activity, receptor dimerization and internalization codes Justin Pahara
2008-10-06 noon CSC 249 Project concept: designer reptiles (p1, p2, p3) Adam Foster
2008-10-20 noon CSC 249 Roundtable: Synthetic Biology 4.0 Various
2008-11-17 noon CSC 249 Seven years on the edges of synthetic biology Chris Dambrowitz
2008-12-01 noon CSC 249 What Makes a Successful iGEM Team Wayne Materi
2008-12-01 noon CSC 249 MiniMeColi: Toward a minimalist artificial cell Mike Ellison
2009-01-12 noon CSC 249 More MiniMe Discussion Mike Ellison
2009-01-26 noon CSC 249 Molybdenum cofactor riboswitch (Regulski 2008 PDF, PubMed Central) Joel Weiner
2009-02-09 noon CSC 249 Recombineering discussion
2009-02-23 noon CSC 249 Electrochemical Biosensors Justin Pahara
2009-03-09 noon CSC 249 No meeting

Sponsors: Alberta Ingenuity, University of Alberta
Contact: Andrew Hessel
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