January 30, 2008 - Doug Ridgway

Non-fermentative pathways for synthesis of branched-chain higher alcohols as biofuels

February 11, 2008 - Wayne Materi

Bio-Logic - Sensors, Switches and Genetic Circuits

Programming novel functional behaviour in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is a major goal of synthetic biology. Implementing this ambitious program requires the engineering of logic circuits using combinations of proteins, RNA, small molecules and DNA regulatory elements based on precise characterization of single-component behaviour. This talk will survey the approaches used to construct genetic logic in organisms, including RNA aptamers, protein sensors and switches, transcriptional activation, inhibition and attenuation, translational attenuation, transcriptional circuits and signal transduction circuits.

Readings: Designing biological systems David A. Drubin, Jeffrey C. Way and Pamela A. Silver Genes & Dev. 2007 21: 242-254 (PDF)

Environmental signal integration by a modular AND gate J Christopher Anderson, Christopher A Voigt and Adam P Arkin Molecular Systems Biology 3; Article number 133 (PDF)